Anjali Kapoor Gaba

Anjali Kapoor Gaba

Principal Correspondent

Anjali claims she watched more CNBC than Cartoon Network growing up. Which accounts for her almost obsessive tracking of the stock market and basing most stories on that. She has also tried her hand at corporate sociology stories, retail, and international business. And, yes, the stock market.

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Recent stories by Anjali Kapoor Gaba:

Agarwal Packers and Movers: Lost in transit

Agarwal Packers and Movers is pioneering a new way of transporting goods in India—the “trucking cube”. Will it catch on?

The social net worth

Competition heats up as 38 new companies make it to this year’s Fortune India social media ranking. Old makes way for new as three platforms—YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn get new toppers. The most churn is seen on LinkedIn and Twitter, which have a dozen or more new names.

Forest rangers Inc.

Conservation may be a greenfield project for corporate social responsibility in India, but companies are eager to lend a hand.

10 great places to retire

Retirement is supposed to be spent in salubrious climes. We’ve scoured the map to find the best spots for you.

The India of tomorrow

What 2015 possibly has in store for everything from manufacturing, to planned cities, to technology, and employment.

Turning point

Gaming is growing. But it needs investment to get to the next level.

The third space

India may not have a Silicon Valley equivalent just yet, but something’s been brewing amid the hum in its coffee shops.

No country for bald men

Hair restoration is booming in India. Will it make more headway?

Lithium's positive charge

Move over petrol wars. Cars running on LI-ION batteries are poised to power the future.

Can Elon Musk discover India?

The scene is set for the world’s most iconic entrepreneur to bet on the country.

Dusting the gemstones

A few simple steps can help the government meet the elusive divestment target. Is it listening?

India must take advantage of low prices

GAIL’s boss believes the country is staring at a historic opportunity.

How to sell to millenials

Want Gen Y to love your brand? Don't try too hard

Back in shape to take on the world

After losses for two years, AGC Networks is not only out of the woods but is also a leaner company ready to meet the demands of a more evolved market.

Can Shoppers Stop be cool again?

The country’s oldest department store chain turns 25 next year, but it may not be a birthday to remember unless it can catch up with the new world.

Doing business in Russia

A handful of Indian firms are braving the battered country. Can they salvage one of the greatest lost opportunities in India Inc.’s history?

The boom makers

Solar Industries blasted its way to the top of India’s little-known explosives sector. It is now betting on an ambitious defence play to break into the big time.

The rise of the backroom boys

How DHL and Blue Dart became great employers in a difficult industry.