Arnika Thakur

Arnika Thakur

Assistant Editor, Digital

She joined to write stories for the digital edition, but ended up doing everything from digitising graphics to learning Photoshop. In between, she managed to write a couple of cover stories for the magazine. She has also written about electronics recycling, Digital India, and has plans to write about gender, sustainability, and development issues.

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Recent stories by Arnika Thakur:

Move of the year: Digital wallets

You could call him a magician. Or you could call him a banker (of sorts). A music lover (“I love U2”). A startup whiz. Or just a successful entrepreneur who knows how to make people spend, and spend smart. Or, as most people do, call him Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of arguably the best-known digital wallet in the country, Paytm. We call him the face of the move of the year.

Urban mining: Lift cover for your next ring

Why urban mining is sustainability’s latest battleground.

Connectivity 4.0

Infotel plans to do what Reliance Infocomm could not.

Vehicle recycling: Can Mahindra's plan save the day?

Dodgy scrap dealers have recycled India’s old cars for decades, but now Mahindra, the country’s largest SUV maker, has entered the space. Will vehicle recycling finally receive the attention it deserves?

Only India Inc. can save Modi’s Digital India. But will it?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made bold promises of Internet for all. But only India Inc. can help him deliver.

India would get 2 on 10 for quality: Adil Zainulbhai

The chairman of the Quality Council of India believes that setting standards is not enough. He’s making sure that they get adopted at the bottom of the pyramid.