Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta

Deputy Editor

Pranab Mukherjee, Amartya Sen, Y V Reddy, Yashwant Sinha...That’s just a sample of the long list of people Ashish has interviewed in the past three decades. Fortune India’s senior-most journalist used to trip on oil and gas, infrastructure, and macro-economy stories with a little light relief from pharma, till he discovered all things technology.


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Recent stories by Ashish Gupta:

Large still rules

Are bigger companies losing their relevance in the economy? A look at the performance of the Fortune India 500 this year compared with past years and relative to the overall economy shows that bigger companies still matter.

PwC’s big move away from audit

Setting up PwC India as a cutting-edge technology company is the legacy chairman Deepak Kapoor wants to leave.

Caste: Why it’s still an issue for India Inc.

Some 80 years after the Poona Pact gave reservations to India’s most backward communities, are Dalits rising to the top in corporate India?

Bruised and battered, but not out

Devas Multimedia’s Ramachandran Viswanathan talks about his disappointment with the treatment meted out to him, and his willingness to fight till the end.

Only India Inc. can save Modi’s Digital India. But will it?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made bold promises of Internet for all. But only India Inc. can help him deliver.

Deals for high yield

Private equity has been investing heavily in seed companies. And the money is going into research and growth.

Indian Oil gears up to meet new fuel standards

An almost arbitrary decision to leapfrog fuel standards has managed to disrupt two large industries—oil and auto manufacturing. It’s good news for the environment, but for companies it means a huge drain on resources. And it all starts with Indianoil.

Making Indian Railways green

The mammoth Indian Railways has agreed to meet some ambitious emission and sustainability targets set out at the climate change conference in Paris last year. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu will have to balance these commitments with profitability.

Praj: Farm waste to ethanol

A new technology promises to end all oil imports by converting agricultural waste into ethanol. (Yes, you read that right.)