Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta

Deputy Editor

Pranab Mukherjee, Amartya Sen, Y V Reddy, Yashwant Sinha...That’s just a sample of the long list of people Ashish has interviewed in the past three decades. Fortune India’s senior-most journalist used to trip on oil and gas, infrastructure, and macro-economy stories with a little light relief from pharma, till he discovered all things technology.


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Whatever the language, it’s the connection that matters. Meet Ramesh Awtaney, the man connecting Africa to the world. His story, from dealmaker to entrepreneur, is a lesson in old-fashioned networking.

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Bad loans continue to haunt PSU banks

Cleaning up bad loans has wreaked havoc with the balance sheets of PSU banks.

IOC steps on the gas

The dip in oil prices was the opportunity the country’s largest refiner-retailer was waiting for. It is making the most of it by striking deals overseas and consolidating its position.

Large still rules

Are bigger companies losing their relevance in the economy? A look at the performance of the Fortune India 500 this year compared with past years and relative to the overall economy shows that bigger companies still matter.

PwC’s big move away from audit

Setting up PwC India as a cutting-edge technology company is the legacy chairman Deepak Kapoor wants to leave.

Caste: Why it’s still an issue for India Inc.

Some 80 years after the Poona Pact gave reservations to India’s most backward communities, are Dalits rising to the top in corporate India?