Kunal N. Talgeri

Senior Editor

Based out of Bengaluru, Kunal’s real job is to remind everyone that there’s life south of the Vindhyas. When he’s not doing that, he’s relentlessly covering startups, IT companies, young entrepreneurs, technology, and auto. And when he takes time out from that, he’s devouring every book ever written on those industries.

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Recent stories by Kunal N. Talgeri:

The turnaround at Tata Elxsi

How Tata Elxsi battled an obscure business and a series of accidents to become a darling of investors.

Chandra leans in

TCS’s boss has managed to push his 3 lakh-plus employees to think digital and reimagined the IT behemoth into a future-ready force.

Meena Ganesh: The Caring Economy

Meena Ganesh has built home health-care startup Portea on the premise of complete accountability. The hitch: It has never been done before. (Ask Uber.)

Ola: Bhavish Aggarwal learns to fly

He is hard at work pushing Ola, India’s third most valuable tech startup, beyond its flagship cab business. If he succeeds, he could end up creating India’s first mobile conglomerate. If not, this could be a cautionary tale for our gung-ho startups.

Not an ordinary journey

How one of India’s internet pioneers is coping with the brash new world.

Ratan Tata logs in.

India’s biggest business leader is also E-commerce’s big hope for sanity.

The lure of water

Private companies are seeing opportunity in water. Here’s why that’s good news.

Merger, no. IPO, yes. Mukesh Bansal’s plans for Myntra

The co-founder of the fashion e-commerce outfit is eyeing early 2016 to go public. Now on the agenda: breaking even.

The quarter that was

Why the past 90 days or so will come to define the future of e-commerce in india.

The cloud builder

There is little doubt that the government needs cloud to streamline its messy data systems. But Neeta Verma, the woman behind the mission, has probably the toughest job of all: to make it work.

The importance of being global

Under Vinod Kumar, telecom infrastructure company, Tata Communications is becoming global from within. Here’s how.

Lessons from Duolingo: English rules

Language-learning app company Duolingo was surprised to find a strong demand for learning English in India. Capitalising on that, it’s also pushing its English test app to students wanting to study abroad.

How to build a giant: Amit Agarwal’s Amazon India story

Overcoming his scepticism, Amazon’s India head Amit Agarwal, has created one of the important markets for the company.

Indian Oil gears up to meet new fuel standards

An almost arbitrary decision to leapfrog fuel standards has managed to disrupt two large industries—oil and auto manufacturing. It’s good news for the environment, but for companies it means a huge drain on resources. And it all starts with Indianoil.

India in the era of disruption

Why the Indian model of disruption is closer to co-existence than bloody-minded combat.

Flipkart vs. Amazon

Forget the furious debates on discounts, GMV, and valuation. It was always about code.

What you learn in space

Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist, is using the experience to hack an unlikely challenge: helping technophobes in Rajasthan cross the digital divide.

Nexus Venture Partners: Startups without borders

Nexus Venture Partners was built in 2006 on the premise of a common office for startups in India and the U.S. Co-founder Naren Gupta’s conservatism and his influence in the Valley have seen it grow to a billion-dollar funding engine.

Can this help the Congress win in 2014?

The ruling party envisages a revolution in financial inclusion through India post’s transformation into a mammoth banking entity. This makes Infosys, which is implementing the technology, a player in the next General elections.