Mansi Kapur

Mansi Kapur

Digital Editor


These days, Mansi whizzes between the tech and edit teams, trying to balance content with content management systems. Sometimes the two get confused and writers are told of incomprehensible things like Polopoly, UX, Joomla, and KPIs. Before she went digital, Mansi used to write on everything from banking to liquor, social media to chocolates, and has twice won the Polestar award for journalism. She’s hoping to get back to “serious” writing soon.

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The Birla Matoshree gets the vote when it’s AGM time for Fortune India 500 companies.

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State Bank of India chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya’s relentless battle against NPAs and why that could change banking.


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Satya Rajpurohit ought to have been a doctor. Luckily for font design, he failed those exams. Clearly, there was a different design to his career.

All likes, no clickbait

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s product head for News Feed, speaks about his company’s relationship with the media and its plans for the Indian market.

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Tomorrow could be a big day for Tata group companies on the stock markets.

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