Nirmal John

Online yes, but is anyone buying?

E-commerce outfits are throwing everything they have to convert window shoppers into buyers.

Nuts and bolts

Urban Ladder has the ingredients for a great brand story. It now has to make the business work.

Inside India's coder boom

Amid the deafening hype around billion-dollar tech startups, India is quietly counting down to a massive milestone: it will soon have more software programmers than any other country. Here’s why that’s not great news.

The future of transportation

Why despite the current mess, app-controlled cabs could end up replacing your car.

Fly me to the Moon

In other words, India’s only Google Lunar XPrize challenger may be the trigger the private aerospace industry in the country needs. Is this the giant step India’s waiting for?

Read this or be left out

Why social content-based new media ventures are the rage, in India and around the world.

Kerala's new sails pitch

How the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has brought plenty of business to little-known Beypore.

Who let the track out

Buddh International Circuit’s formula when the F1 stays away two years in a row.

Times have changed

In the two decades since its formation in 1984, Titan had a dream run, not only becoming the market leader in India but also securing a place among the world’s top five watchmakers. But with big global names fast encroaching on its home turf and the very idea of a watch mutating, the company now has to catch up.

Is Xerox your new doc?

The printing giant is running its labs overtime to help you find your own cure.

The toast of Odisha

Can Srikumar Misra’s Milk Mantra be the model for an entrepreneur-led white revolution?

The hunt for growth

How India’s new-age entrepreneurs are grappling with the old-fashioned idea of profitable growth.

Under cover, inside your cellphone

Exotel, which started off with cloud telephony, is looking to grab the early-mover advantage in call privacy.

Sal Khan vs class struggle

With the launch of his ed-tech tour de force Khan Academy in India in partnership with the Tata Trust, Sal Khan is rolling up his sleeves for possibly his toughest assignment yet.

Rebuilding Nestlé: No instant fix

Maggi was Nestlé India’s biggest crisis, but the company is not out of the woods now that the instant noodles are back. New chairman and managing director Suresh Narayanan’s task is to put the sheen back on brand Nestlé.

Have Cash, Will Travel

Harish Bahl, founder of digital business builder Smile Group, travels light and doesn’t use ATMs.

Fully charged

Ather Energy is building an electric scooter that will raise the tech bar. Okay, aspirations too.

Vistara Flexes its Tata Muscle

The Airline plans to take on competitors by tying up with group companies to get more passengers aboard.