Pavan Lall

Pavan Lall

Associate Editor

When he's not busy acquiring rare timepieces, Pavan is writing about them. And on the auto industry. Racing and racehorses. And storied conglomerates. Winner of the Citi Journalistic Excellence Award 2016, what really gives him a high is being able to unravel corporate conspiracies and industry scandals and lay them bare.

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Recent stories by Pavan Lall:

Diesel's discovery of India

Two years after a reboot, the iconic brand is seeking inspiration in one of the world’s toughest markets.

As the night gallops in

Mahalaxmi’s officials are betting on races under the lights to lift the club’s fortunes. The hurdles are formidable: Attendance is down, betting is shrinking, and millennials don’t have zeal for the sport. Will the move work?

Carving out his niche

Jay Gorsia has been designing high-end furniture for the rich and the famous. He now wants to make a business of curating furniture.

The rise of the private museum

What does an Art connoisseur do after building a fine collection? Throw it open to anyone wanting to take a look.

Zia Mody: The Law is a Lady

Zia Mody and partners built a heavyweight firm at a scorching pace. Now as the industry goes through an upheaval, can AZB make the leap to become an institution?

Can Nirav Modi Win New York?

After rewriting the rules of the business back home, the diamond baron is pushing on in a direction that no Indian has successfully charted before. Will the Big Apple prove more than he can chew?

Maruti's Big Makeover Gamble

Moving into the premium segment of the market is more than just a cosmetic change for the iconic car maker.

The company that Cyrus built

What the Tata group chief brings to his new job from his old one.

Cash Cow: Impact of the beef-ban

Numbers to show how a beef ban can affect cattle-based economies

Salman Khan: Cash machine. Demigod. Business risk.

How Bollywood came to rely on a flawed hero.

Mahindra steers SsangYong out of trouble

The South Korean automaker has come a long way in just six years. Losses have made way for profits, sales are at a decade high, and the company is looking beyond its home turf.

Fish tales

Frozen food maker WestCoast is betting on tilapia to boost India’s nutritional intake—and the company’s bottom line.

A wacky take on time

Maximilian Büsser founded MB&F to radically change watch designs. Keeping the firm artisanal is essential to maintain that creative edge, he says.

Healing the mind

Neerja Birla launched MPower to help remove the stigma attached to mental illness. The clinic that came up along the way is now planning to expand into a chain.

Bulgari Watches come of age

Managing director Guido Terreni is guiding the venerable jewellery brand into a maker of fine timepieces.

Do not disrupt: The Oberoi fights back

At 87, P.R.S. ‘Biki’ Oberoi faces the most challenging period in his career. One threat comes from a familiar foe: big hotel chains, and the other from an upstart: technology. The hotelier’s response: He was to close one of his most profitable properties for two years to renovate. Will his bold move pay off?

Vandana Luthra: India’s beauty queen

After an on-again, off-again relationship with the primary market, it appears that Vandana Luthra is finally going to take her company public. Can she let go of the controls and let someone else manage?

MUJI and the art of marketing

Be it toothbrushes or furniture, the Japanese retailer weaves magic with a perfect mix of premium and minimalism. Who needs brands?

Devita Saraf: TV’s consummate salesperson

She wants her TVs to be the Zara of the electronics world, not Gucci or Pantaloon. And she’s going about it in the way she knows best: convincing customers to buy because she is selling.