Rajiv Bhuva

Rajiv Bhuva

Senior Editor

Number-cruncher and markets maven, Rajiv couldn’t be based anywhere but in the financial capital. He anchors the flagship Fortune India 500, and conceptualised and anchors The Next 500. He prefers numbers to words, and manages to hunt down data and reports that support even the vaguest concepts.

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Recent stories by Rajiv Bhuva:

Ola: Bhavish Aggarwal learns to fly

He is hard at work pushing Ola, India’s third most valuable tech startup, beyond its flagship cab business. If he succeeds, he could end up creating India’s first mobile conglomerate. If not, this could be a cautionary tale for our gung-ho startups.

Where to invest

A pension plan and insurance alone won’t do. Your nest egg must allow you to maintain your standard of living long after you’ve stopped working.

Director’s cut

In April, SEBI mandated listed companies to appoint at least one woman director by April 2015. Here’s how that’s playing out.

Upsetting the shopping cart. again

Kishore Biyani brought in the modern retail chain to middle India and changed the way people shopped. He’s trying to do it again—this time using technology. Will he succeed again?

Admiration vs. value

Mathematical analysis can be ruthless, especially when it clearly shows negligible correlation between admiration and wealth creation. These companies may be stars when it comes to being admired by their peers, but have they actually created value for their stakeholders? A look at how they stack up.

Inner Winner

Page Industries, the company that has the licence to make Jockey innerwear in the subcontinent, is showing bigger companies the way to create shareholder value even without owning a brand.

The high rise of Abhisheck Lodha

How the former Mckinsey consultant emerged as Mumbai’s hottest new builder, after taking over at a modest real estate family business eight years ago.

Still got juice

India’s disinvestment drive has failed to excite investors. But a closer look reveals long-term returns.

Large still rules

Are bigger companies losing their relevance in the economy? A look at the performance of the Fortune India 500 this year compared with past years and relative to the overall economy shows that bigger companies still matter.

How the makers of Siri are changing retail banking in India

Artificial intelligence is the latest addition to the world of banking. How it will change the way we bank.

Banking: The future is in apps

How technology is disrupting the way banking works.

Slow, not steady

India’s top midsize companies had a challenging year.

Free fall

Why low oil prices are bad news for PSUs.

Waiting for the Wave

Lead Essay: Fortune 500

India’s Next 500, and why they matter

This is the “real” India Inc., the companies that keep industry moving.