Soumya Gupta

Soumya Gupta

Senior Correspondent

The youngest member of the team, Soumya is happy to try her hand at all sorts of stories. She’s written on almost everything, from beer to biogas, to startups to finance. Pac-Man-like, she’s looking at chomping through even more industries and getting many more stories under her belt.

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Recent stories by Soumya Gupta:

There is a lot of misunderstanding about 3D printing: Dassault Systemes CEO

There’s been a lot written about the future of 3D printing. European multinational, Dassault Systemes, has been among the major players in the 3D space, providing solutions to industries as diverse as aerospace and consumer goods. Bernard Charles CEO of Dassault Systemes, talks about the history of 3D, the uses of 4D printing, and the role this technology is playing in building smart cities in India. Edited excerpts:

The fading rainbow: Can India Inc. revive it?

A handful of companies from Godrej to Infosys have progressive policies to protect gay employees. But is the corporate world doing enough to change attitudes? The evidence is damning. One thing is clear though: Diversity improves profits.

Farmville in the real world

New apps can revolutionise Indian farming. But developers have to deal with legacy issues and a funding crunch.

Manish Mundra’s double role

The managing director of a company in Nigeria lives out his childhood dream by starting a film studio in Mumbai that produces non-Bollywood cinema.

The sound of Sennheiser

Andreas Sennheiser, who heads the eponymous German audio gear maker, on innovation and why India is on his top 10 list.

Banking: The future is in apps

How technology is disrupting the way banking works.

How Big Ganga is making clean content work in the Hindi heartland

Bhojpuri movies have been wildly successful commercially, peddling an earthy mix of gyrating bodies, lewd lyrics, and double entendres. So what’s with the move to clean up content for the small screen?

Brock Pierce: The comeback kid

In India looking to invest in potential unicorns, the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation talks of all things blockchain.

Blockchain comes of age

The global financial system is courting the technology behind Bitcoin.

Can Bira make it in the Big Apple?

India’s first bottled craft beer has impressed the desi drinker. It is now turning to the world’s craft beer capital for some extra fizz.

A contrarian looks at world affairs

Sanjeev Sanyal has become a leading voice of dissent on the world’s most pressing policy matters.