Tanmoy Goswami

Inside India's coder boom

Amid the deafening hype around billion-dollar tech startups, India is quietly counting down to a massive milestone: it will soon have more software programmers than any other country. Here’s why that’s not great news.

Ola: Bhavish Aggarwal learns to fly

He is hard at work pushing Ola, India’s third most valuable tech startup, beyond its flagship cab business. If he succeeds, he could end up creating India’s first mobile conglomerate. If not, this could be a cautionary tale for our gung-ho startups.

Move of the year: the spin

How a disparate set of individuals, NRIs, entrepreneurs, who-have-you, is changing the India narrative.

What lies beneath

The hills of southern Tamil Nadu will soon shelter India’s biggest basic-science hub. Unless canards bury it first.

Prize catch

The world’s most powerful teenager just won the world’s biggest prize. Here’s why an ex-techie from Bangalore is kicked about it.

The third space

India may not have a Silicon Valley equivalent just yet, but something’s been brewing amid the hum in its coffee shops.


Showbiz was a rare bright spot in Bengal’s bleak economy. But reality is catching up.

"U.S.-India ties will survive the regime change."

A former Tata Administrative Services officer and entrepreneur, and the author of a book of poetry, Arun M. Kumar holds a vital portfolio in the Department of Commerce under the Obama administration. As the Obama years wind down, Kumar says India will continue to be a priority for U.S. trade policy—no matter which way the American voters swing in the coming polls.

Mukesh Aghi goes to work

How he went from high school in Roorkee to the president’s office at Washington D.C.’s most powerful bilateral agency, via civil war in Lebanon.

The hunt for growth

How India’s new-age entrepreneurs are grappling with the old-fashioned idea of profitable growth.

The newsmaker

One of the most recognisable indian faces in global newsrooms reflects on the changing face of news and the Indian identity.

Doing business in Russia

A handful of Indian firms are braving the battered country. Can they salvage one of the greatest lost opportunities in India Inc.’s history?

Intel: brilliant ideas are not enough

Debjani Ghosh, vice president, sales and marketing group, and managing director, South Asia, Intel, reflects on the zeitgeist in Indian tech.

Not just rhetoric

The Indo-U.S. friendship saga has a new hero: The shared struggle of keeping up with an on-demand society.

Keep calm and tell your story

Manu Jain, head, Xiaomi India, on battling uncertainties in the times of breakneck growth

Chinese whispers

New-age mobile and Internet companies are trying to change the narrative of Chinese businesses. Will a government intent on control let them?