Dodgy scrap dealers have recycled India’s old cars for decades, but now Mahindra, the country’s largest SUV maker, has entered the space. Will vehicle recycling finally receive the attention it deserves?

Indian Oil gears up to meet new fuel standards

An almost arbitrary decision to leapfrog fuel standards has managed to disrupt two large industries—oil and auto manufacturing. It’s good news for the environment, but for companies it means a huge drain on resources. And it all starts with Indianoil.

Lithium's positive charge

Move over petrol wars. Cars running on LI-ION batteries are poised to power the future.

Maruti's Big Makeover Gamble

Moving into the premium segment of the market is more than just a cosmetic change for the iconic car maker.

Fully charged

Ather Energy is building an electric scooter that will raise the tech bar. Okay, aspirations too.

Amtek Auto - the Pacman way

Arvind Dham’s insatiable appetite for companies has helped him build one of India’s largest auto components firms.

Mercs for the young rich

Mercedes-Benz is evolving without losing sight of its time-tested values. Young Indian customers are taking note.

A new zest at Tata Motors

Drawing upon some of Jaguar Land rover’s practices, Tata Motors is focusing on ‘design, drive, and connect’.

Waiting for the big hit

Why Volkswagen India needs a blockbuster in its portfolio—a compact or small car, ideally.