A handful of Indian firms are braving the battered country. Can they salvage one of the greatest lost opportunities in India Inc.’s history?

"U.S.-India ties will survive the regime change."

A former Tata Administrative Services officer and entrepreneur, and the author of a book of poetry, Arun M. Kumar holds a vital portfolio in the Department of Commerce under the Obama administration. As the Obama years wind down, Kumar says India will continue to be a priority for U.S. trade policy—no matter which way the American voters swing in the coming polls.

Mukesh Aghi goes to work

How he went from high school in Roorkee to the president’s office at Washington D.C.’s most powerful bilateral agency, via civil war in Lebanon.

Shamballa Jewels: mystic allure

Through an eccentric journey, the Kornerup Brothers of Denmark have shaped their Copenhagen-based Shamballa Jewels into a global hot brand. Their $35 million empire would have been impossible without India.

The newsmaker

One of the most recognisable indian faces in global newsrooms reflects on the changing face of news and the Indian identity.

The whisky industry: Scotland fights back

The venerable Scottish whisky industry is on the rocks. To survive, it must break every rule it ever had.

Whisky's most powerful man

Inside Jim Murray’s war against the heathens in the business.

The subtle art of selling

Iconic British shoe brand John Lobb has never been flamboyant. such discreetness is highly prized by owner Hermès. but what about the buyer?

Binod Chaudhary: The friendly neighbourhood billionaire

How Binod Chaudhary built intricate friendships—and a noodles-to-construction empire—through Nepal’s bloodiest days.