Braving the ups and downs of the industry, watchmaker Breitling has been quick to respond while keeping core values intact.

Sizing up India

Brooks Brothers is often identified with the suits that American Presidents wear. Claudio Del Vecchio, CEO of the company that owns the brand, says its India foray is working out so well that it is aiming at doubling the number of stores in the next three years.

Bulgari Watches come of age

Managing director Guido Terreni is guiding the venerable jewellery brand into a maker of fine timepieces.

The grit behind the glitter

The actual composition of a Swarovski crystal is still secret, 120 years after Daniel Swarovski set up a factory to manufacture and cut crystals. What isn’t a secret though is that Swarovski is changing from a purveyor of bling to a hi-tech brand in its own right.

Daring to be Dom

Champagne is under pressure from prosecco, while global warming threatens to ruin grape harvests. But none of that ruffles Dom Pérignon, perhaps the most shadowy, snooty, and expensive brand in the business. It just continues to sparkle. So, what’s its secret?

Their heart is on the sleeve…

...and in the collars, cuffs, pleats, and plackets they make. That’s Charvet, the world’s oldest shirt store. Established in 1838, it still operates from just one address in Paris.

How to sell a Rs 40 crore apartment

The bells and whistles will, of course, come with the tag. But there’s no getting away from the basics: Know the engineering and know the client.

Shamballa Jewels: mystic allure

Through an eccentric journey, the Kornerup Brothers of Denmark have shaped their Copenhagen-based Shamballa Jewels into a global hot brand. Their $35 million empire would have been impossible without India.

His Other Passion

Time will remember Sachin Tendulkar as one who could lift the mood of a nation with a flick of the wrist. Here’s the thing very few know: what he likes to sport on it.