India’s disinvestment drive has failed to excite investors. But a closer look reveals long-term returns.

The big winners

Digital payment platforms have welcomed the government’s efforts to move to a cashless economy. After all, they’ve everything to win, and little to lose.

Even angels must do homework

So you want to be an angel investor and spot the next unicorn before everyone else? Beyond the hype, angel investing is tough work. Here's a master-class.

Blockchain comes of age

The global financial system is courting the technology behind Bitcoin.

Dusting the gemstones

A few simple steps can help the government meet the elusive divestment target. Is it listening?

Free fall

Why low oil prices are bad news for PSUs.

Move of the year: Digital wallets

You could call him a magician. Or you could call him a banker (of sorts). A music lover (“I love U2”). A startup whiz. Or just a successful entrepreneur who knows how to make people spend, and spend smart. Or, as most people do, call him Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of arguably the best-known digital wallet in the country, Paytm. We call him the face of the move of the year.

Doing business in Russia

A handful of Indian firms are braving the battered country. Can they salvage one of the greatest lost opportunities in India Inc.’s history?