NBCC has grown brick by brick, thanks to its unique business model for government infrastructure and housing projects.

Is India ready for Ikea?

The Swedish home furnishings giant is finally ready to enter the country after years of preparation. Can it adapt to the Indian aesthetic and spread the do-it-yourself bug?

Akshay Kothari's noodle theory

No two ramens are the same LinkedIn India head, Akshay Kothari, learnt that at Stanford. The idea has shaped his work at the tech company.

The work processors

Growing at a steady pace, TeamLease has set its sights on becoming the world’s biggest staffing company. Will having the Prime Minister’s ear help?

PwC’s big move away from audit

Setting up PwC India as a cutting-edge technology company is the legacy chairman Deepak Kapoor wants to leave.

Times have changed

In the two decades since its formation in 1984, Titan had a dream run, not only becoming the market leader in India but also securing a place among the world’s top five watchmakers. But with big global names fast encroaching on its home turf and the very idea of a watch mutating, the company now has to catch up.