Whatever the language, it’s the connection that matters. Meet Ramesh Awtaney, the man connecting Africa to the world. His story, from dealmaker to entrepreneur, is a lesson in old-fashioned networking.

The big bet on data

Or why Mukesh Ambani is pumping in thousands of crores into Jio. Will this be the big telecom success he’s been seeking for so long?

Under cover, inside your cellphone

Exotel, which started off with cloud telephony, is looking to grab the early-mover advantage in call privacy.

Back in shape to take on the world

After losses for two years, AGC Networks is not only out of the woods but is also a leaner company ready to meet the demands of a more evolved market.

B2X: The smart march ahead

India’s smartphone aftermarket is getting big, but German startup B2X is looking beyond that

Go hire that astronaut

Carl Pei, co-founder and head of global at OnePlus, on making geography history.

Cash call from control room

Telecom network operating centres are meant to diagnose and resolve issues. But they are fast becoming sources for new revenue streams.

The cost of smarts

Tata Docomo and Reliance Infocomm’s low-priced schemes are regulars on any list of disruptions. They should also be remembered as sobering tales of value destruction.

The profitable Nokia

No more handsets. Nokia is now a telecom infrastructure business, and India could help it do better.