Growth Strategy

Sizing up India
Brooks Brothers is often identified with the suits that American Presidents wear. Claudio Del Vecchio, CEO of the company that owns the brand, says it...
Building blocks of a monopoly
NBCC has grown brick by brick, thanks to its unique business model for government infrastructure and housing projects.
Is India ready for Ikea?
The Swedish home furnishings giant is finally ready to enter the country after years of preparation. Can it adapt to the Indian aesthetic and spread t...
IOC steps on the gas
The dip in oil prices was the opportunity the country’s largest refiner-retailer was waiting for. It is making the most of it by striking deals overse...
Akshay Kothari's noodle theory
No two ramens are the same LinkedIn India head, Akshay Kothari, learnt that at Stanford. The idea has shaped his work at the tech company.
The big bet on data
Or why Mukesh Ambani is pumping in thousands of crores into Jio. Will this be the big telecom success he’s been seeking for so long?