Old jobs might be over and done with, thanks to the rise of the machine. But there will always be new roles in a tightly connected, hugely automated technology era.

How to create jobs by the million

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Romesh Wadhwani is bringing Silicon Valley smarts to a daunting mission: creating 25 million jobs in India in the next five years.

The rise of the backroom boys

How DHL and Blue Dart became great employers in a difficult industry.

Woman, uninterrupted

The president and CEO of Catalyst, an international advisory organisation that has been working towards inclusive workplaces for over half a century, talks of the need to break the ‘think leader, think male’ mindset, and truly equal opportunity.

Riding the tiger

Despite the country being perceived as hostile, women of business from across the globe are spreading their wings in India.

The binary divide

Private firms are helping women enter the information mainstream.

I have got your back

The protection of business assets is giving rise to an unlikely breed of security agencies.

How technology impacts trade unions

Mass communication and social media are changing worker-management dynamics.

Businesses that have travelled

The new-generation plug-and-play worker is influencing Indian businesses and how. You might be missing a trick or two if you are not on board.