Settling to move
Today’s generation buys the best gadgets, but can’t afford to own a house to put them all in. They don’t plan to, either—they would rather rent instea...
The big winners
Digital payment platforms have welcomed the government’s efforts to move to a cashless economy. After all, they’ve everything to win, and little to lo...
Who will win the streaming wars?
Global giants such as Netflix and Amazon have entered the fray. But they now have to face Hotstar, the streaming service from the man who brought west...
Large still rules
Are bigger companies losing their relevance in the economy? A look at the performance of the Fortune India 500 this year compared with past years and...
How food prices have moved this decade
According to government data, the whole sale price index touched a new high in the past two years.
Lessons from Duolingo: English rules
Language-learning app company Duolingo was surprised to find a strong demand for learning English in India. Capitalising on that, it’s also pushing it...
Banking: The future is in apps
How technology is disrupting the way banking works.
Anchor in choppy waters
Fixed maturity plans are finding favour in an environment of uncertain equity markets and fluctuating interest rates. 
What happened to IPOs?
Promising maiden offers, a reliable indicator of the state of the economy, have ended up as rupee stocks.