Israeli startup expert eyes India

As the co-founder of a leading venture capital company, Chemi Peres is open to investing in Asian countries. But he does not rule out a totally different role for himself: that of a politician, like his late father.

By Hindol Sengupta


Mahindra steers SsangYong out of trouble

The South Korean automaker has come a long way in just six years. Losses have made way for profits, sales are at a decade high, and the company is looking beyond its home turf.

By Pavan Lall


IOC steps on the gas

The dip in oil prices was the opportunity the country’s largest refiner-retailer was waiting for. It is making the most of it by striking deals overseas and consolidating its position.

By Ashish Gupta



The fresh prince of Shell India

No one younger has been picked to lead a top energy company in India than Nitin Prasad. His goal: To steer the Anglo-Dutch giant beyond oil and gas into new frontiers like technology and biofuels.

By Debabrata Das


Mapping the mind

He builds artificial intelligence. She turned his passion into a business. Even if that meant slugging it out with the biggest tech companies.

By Sumil Sudhakaran


Fortune India 500
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Fortune India 500
MPW Ranking alt image
40 under 40 rankings



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