An economist looks into a crystal ball

Sony Kapoor, managing director of policy think tank Re-Define, speaks his mind on a range of issues from job creation in India to the future of globalisation and climate change.

By Hindol Sengupta


Bad loans continue to haunt PSU banks

Cleaning up bad loans has wreaked havoc with the balance sheets of PSU banks.

By Ashish Gupta


Do not disrupt: The Oberoi fights back

At 87, P.R.S. ‘Biki’ Oberoi faces the most challenging period in his career. One threat comes from a familiar foe: big hotel chains, and the other from an upstart: technology. The hotelier’s response: He was to close one of his most profitable properties for two years to renovate. Will his bold move pay off?

By Pavan Lall



A game of cat and mouse

India’s gaming market has for decades been chasing small revenues. But rising smartphone adoption, changing social attitude, and better payment ecosystem could be game changers.

By Sumil Sudhakaran


Boss, I shrunk the office

Amit Jain found success in the display business. He then took it a step ahead by using the displays as the base of a software suite.

By Debabrata Das


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Fortune India 500
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40 under 40 rankings



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