Rapid change in every sphere has left the curriculum lagging and inadequate.

Bad loans continue to haunt PSU banks

Cleaning up bad loans has wreaked havoc with the balance sheets of PSU banks.

Large still rules

Are bigger companies losing their relevance in the economy? A look at the performance of the Fortune India 500 this year compared with past years and relative to the overall economy shows that bigger companies still matter.

MUJI and the art of marketing

Be it toothbrushes or furniture, the Japanese retailer weaves magic with a perfect mix of premium and minimalism. Who needs brands?

Only India Inc. can save Modi’s Digital India. But will it?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made bold promises of Internet for all. But only India Inc. can help him deliver.

Praj: Farm waste to ethanol

A new technology promises to end all oil imports by converting agricultural waste into ethanol. (Yes, you read that right.)

Dusting the gemstones

A few simple steps can help the government meet the elusive divestment target. Is it listening?

How education is uniting India Inc.

Big Business is moving on from focussing on institution building to ensuring grassroots outcomes.