Going digital isn’t just about upgrading the infrastructure, but re-skilling India’s massive workforce, too. And ed-tech firms are keen to make the best of the opportunity.

Mapping the mind

He builds artificial intelligence. She turned his passion into a business. Even if that meant slugging it out with the biggest tech companies.

All likes, no clickbait

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s product head for News Feed, speaks about his company’s relationship with the media and its plans for the Indian market.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about 3D printing: Dassault Systemes CEO

There’s been a lot written about the future of 3D printing. European multinational, Dassault Systemes, has been among the major players in the 3D space, providing solutions to industries as diverse as aerospace and consumer goods. Bernard Charles CEO of Dassault Systemes, talks about the history of 3D, the uses of 4D printing, and the role this technology is playing in building smart cities in India. Edited excerpts:

The coal ministry’s path to a paperless office

How Anil Swarup and his team managed the seemingly impossible task of getting a ministry to abandon its trademark files.