Sànnu. Ibaulachi. Bawo. Hello, Africa
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The fresh prince of Shell India
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Satya Rajpurohit: India’s font guy
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The big bet on data
Or why Mukesh Ambani is pumping in thousands of crores into Jio. Will this be the big telecom success he’s been seeking for so long?
Don’t be bored by your board
Properly chosen independent directors are worth their weight in gold.
We don’t want to own the Internet, instead our mindset is that of a facilitator: Ambani
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Jio has the culture of a startup, but we have a financially strong parent: Ambani
Reliance Jio marks Mukesh Ambani’s (CMD of Reliance Industries) second innings in the telecom sector. Back in 2002, he had launched Reliance Infocomm,...
Times have changed
In the two decades since its formation in 1984, Titan had a dream run, not only becoming the market leader in India but also securing a place among th...