New Economy

A game of cat and mouse
India’s gaming market has for decades been chasing small revenues. But rising smartphone adoption, changing social attitude, and better payment ecosys...
Only India Inc. can save Modi’s Digital India. But will it?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made bold promises of Internet for all. But only India Inc. can help him deliver.
Farmville in the real world
New apps can revolutionise Indian farming. But developers have to deal with legacy issues and a funding crunch.
India in the era of disruption
Why the Indian model of disruption is closer to co-existence than bloody-minded combat.
Flipkart vs. Amazon
Forget the furious debates on discounts, GMV, and valuation. It was always about code.
‘People like us’ drive BlaBlaCar’s India model
Hundred days into its India ops, the french ride-sharing company has a following of like-minded people.
10 Jobs of the Future
Old jobs might be over and done with, thanks to the rise of the machine. But there will always be new roles in a tightly connected, hugely automated t...
Inside India's coder boom
Amid the deafening hype around billion-dollar tech startups, India is quietly counting down to a massive milestone: it will soon have more software pr...
Hadoop Big data BFF?
As Big Data gets bigger and businesses demand more advanced tools, the elephant needs to up its game.
Net ninjas
The story so far. MD Bigshot of largeco has received a 14-page e-mail accusing him of financial fraud, and threatening him with exposure. bigshot call...