The India story
Despite all the churn and chaos caused by policy decisions and global economic conditions, there’s still hope for a strong Indian economy.
Lack of growth is unsustainable: Johan Norberg
Swedish free trade advocate Johan Norberg discusses threats to economic progress and globalisation in an increasingly nationalist world.
Vehicle recycling: Can Mahindra's plan save the day?
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made bold promises of Internet for all. But only India Inc. can help him deliver.
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Fresh off the success of his latest book, Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma talks about the global impact of Brexit
Lithium's positive charge
Move over petrol wars. Cars running on LI-ION batteries are poised to power the future.
Making Indian Railways green
The mammoth Indian Railways has agreed to meet some ambitious emission and sustainability targets set out at the climate change conference in Paris la...
"U.S.-India ties will survive the regime change."
A former Tata Administrative Services officer and entrepreneur, and the author of a book of poetry, Arun M. Kumar holds a vital portfolio in the Depar...