The dip in oil prices was the opportunity the country’s largest refiner-retailer was waiting for. It is making the most of it by striking deals overseas and consolidating its position.

How to shrink a biogas plant

Bulk and lack of maintenance are the bane of biogas plants. GPS renewables overcame these hurdles with Biourja, a compact, sensor-monitored product. The company is now taking it beyond India.

Indian Oil gears up to meet new fuel standards

An almost arbitrary decision to leapfrog fuel standards has managed to disrupt two large industries—oil and auto manufacturing. It’s good news for the environment, but for companies it means a huge drain on resources. And it all starts with Indianoil.

Lithium's positive charge

Move over petrol wars. Cars running on LI-ION batteries are poised to power the future.

Praj: Farm waste to ethanol

A new technology promises to end all oil imports by converting agricultural waste into ethanol. (Yes, you read that right.)

The party is over, Goa

The Supreme Court has lifted the ban on iron ore mining in Goa. But a cocktail of low demand, crashing prices, and high taxes has pushed the industry off-kilter.

Light club

A clutch of entrepreneurs is taking electricity to the country’s remotest parts on a pay-per-use basis. But can they scale up in a sector that’s still trying to find its feet?

Wind power: The new wave

India hardly had any wind power at the turn of the century. Till five years ago, its solar power output was negligible. Today, it ranks fifth in the world in wind energy and 11th in solar. A look at the numbers.

Can Elon Musk discover India?

The scene is set for the world’s most iconic entrepreneur to bet on the country.