Maximilian Büsser founded MB&F to radically change watch designs. Keeping the firm artisanal is essential to maintain that creative edge, he says.

Reading the trends right

Charlie Redmayne, CEO of HarperCollins U.K., is keen on making the publishing giant future ready, but believes physical books won’t go out of fashion.

#CyrusMistry: Who said what

Twitter went into overdrive within minutes of the announcement that Cyrus Mistry would be replaced as chariman of Tata group. Here's a look at some of the initial reactions.

Watch collecting is not only about the money

The second of our two-part series on building a watch collection discusses why it isn’t necessary for a collection to be expensive. Yashovardhan Saboo, who owns Ethos Swiss Watch Studios, talks of watch collections built cheap, but rich in history.

As the night gallops in

Mahalaxmi’s officials are betting on races under the lights to lift the club’s fortunes. The hurdles are formidable: Attendance is down, betting is shrinking, and millennials don’t have zeal for the sport. Will the move work?

The death of the bookstore

Making sense of the least understood fallout of the e-retail invasion.

How to build a watch collection

The first of a two-part series in which watch experts help a novice start a timeless collection. First up is horologist Aurel Bacs, who runs the watch department at the London auction house Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo. He explains why knowledge of history could make all the difference to a watch collection.

Hall of fame

The Birla Matoshree gets the vote when it’s AGM time for Fortune India 500 companies.

A humane model for business

Fulfilling social responsibilities ought to be a best practice, not lip service, for companies.